Recycled Blues Denim Company

Recycled Blues Denim Company 2016-07-07T02:50:41+00:00
1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI, United States (Suite 8111B)
1005 Main Street Pawtucket Rhode Island 02860 US

Eco-Fashion pass it on…

We are proud to be an eco-fashion conscious company. Our goal is to create denim that makes a difference. By using only recycled and recyclable materials, we’re able to reduce landfill use as well as eliminate the need to use any environmentally harmful chemicals that are required to create new denim products. By using existing denim materials, we’re able to recycle and/or create amazing one-of-a-kind, socially conscious, and environmentally-friendly eco-denim products that keep our customers looking uniquely fabulous and our planet green.

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